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OSCB Recognition

Part of the 2014-2015 yearbook staff was recognized for their "Gallery of Excellence" selection by Walsworth.

2014-2015 "Starstruck" Recognition

2014-2015 Journalism Staff


Veronika Levine, our Walsworth yearbook rep, visited us today and brought us EXCELLENT news. "Starstruck", the Sixty-Ninth volume of The Brahman, earned two honors, Superior Performance Award and Gallery of Excellence. 
The performance award is given to schools that meet all the required deadlines throughout the year. Thank you for your perseverance and determination throughout the year to make sure we completed sections of the yearbook when required.
The second recognition is even better. The Gallery of Excellence showcases the best yearbooks published by Walsworth. A small percentage of books that Walsworth publishes are selected for this honor each year based on high quality of design, coverage, copy and photography. Your dedication to document the school year at Okeechobee High School will go beyond the enjoyment of those that purchased a copy last year. All yearbook representatives across the country will showcase this book as idea generators to inspire staffs. Books receiving this honor are often displayed at conventions and workshops. Covers and spreads are sometimes used in Walsworth's educational materials.
Thank you to my staff for knowing your purpose and having the passion to do your best. Now you can be proud of your accomplishments.