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Welcome Back

Please take a moment to read the following concerning schedules for the spring term.


  • On Wednesday, January 6th, students will pick-up their schedules in the cafeteria upon arrival.
  • If a student does not have a schedule, send him/her to the media center.
  • Strongly encourage all students to carefully check their schedules.  Guidance counselors made some changes that they were unable to discuss with the students.


  • Because some students will have changed fifth hour teachers, everyone will report to fifth hour class immediately after fourth hour.  The teacher will either welcome the students into fifth period class or send them to first lunch with a promise to see them soon.


  • If a student has a CONFLICT OR BLANK (i.e.: 2 first hour classes and no second hour class) on his/her schedule, the student needs to go to the Guidance Office for the period of conflict.
  • DO NOT send a student to the Guidance Office because he/she wants to change a class.  Students who have a concern about their schedules should first discuss the problem with the teacher of the course, who will recommend a change, if one is necessary.


  • These students (Senior Student Aides) should report to the Media Center for the period that 8300320 Practical Arts General is listed on the schedule, for their assignment for Semester 2.


  • Students who have a six-hour day will pick up their off-campus cards in the cafeteria during both lunches on Wednesday and Thursday, January 7 and 8.