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FFA Vegetable Judging


FFA Vegetable Judging Team State Champions


Cady McGehee State High Individual
Maria Carrillo 2nd
Dayton Buxton tied for 4th
Mariah Wooten 22nd

FFA Meat Judging


Meat judging team takes second place

On Saturday 4-14-17 the meat judging team was 2nd in the state. The team was Hunter Sills, Joel Davis, and Jo'dejah Sewell. Hunter Sills was State high individual and Joel Davis was 5th.

FFA: 2016-2017 Officers

It was a "Super Tuesday" indeed at the Okeechobee Brahman FFA Chapter Officer Elections! Words cannot describe how excited I am to serve alongside nine of the most incredible individuals I know for the upcoming school year. We have lots to do but luckily, we have an overabundance of talent. Let's get to work! - Artha Jonassaint

Congratulations to all of the 2016-2017 Okeechobee Brahman FFA Chapter Officers!

President: Artha Jonassaint

Vice President: Cady McGehee

Secretary: Hunter Sills

Treasurer: Shelby Kirton

Reporter: Mariah Wooten

Sentinel: Alexandrea Fulford

Student Advisor: Jo"Dejah Sewell

Parliamentarian: Chandler Pearce

Chaplain: Maria Carrillo

Historian: Natalee Trimble


FFA Jr. Officers


Dayton Buxton


Aubrey Pearce


Jillian Kennedy


Kevin Dryden


Ashley Bowers


Kendall Harrison


Kaitlyn Williams


Sheyla Villatoro


Cody Deloney


Patrick Lehman

Vegetable Judging Team


Out of 43 teams Yearling gets 4th in middle school division. Out of 160 individuals
  Dayton Buxton- 8th
  Ashley Bowers- 14th
  Sheyla Villatora- 25th
Savannah Medina- 26th

Out of 77 teams Okeechobee Brahman gets 6th on the high school division. Out of 294 individuals.

  Maria Carillo- 4th
  Cady McGehee - 7th
  Joel Davis- 41st
  Mariah Wooten- 111th

The dairy team consisting of John McGehee, Artha Jonassaint, Jacob McGehee, and Cady McGehee placed 4th in the nation. Cady McGehee placed 3rd overall. The team got special recognition for the team activity, and Cady received special recognition and a scholarship for Brown Swiss.

FFA Meat Judging

State Champion high school
Cady McGehee-2nd
Evan Soto-3rd
Maria Carrillo-5th
Kelvin Ford-9Th

state champion middle school

Aubrey Pearce -1st
kaitlyn williams- 3rd
kevin Dryden- 4th
Patrick Lehman- 12th

3rd place 4-H meats team

Hunter Sills- 4th
       1st -placings
       4th- retail id
Jodejah sewell
Joel Davis